Write tests Time, in minutes, to complete tasks shorter bars indicate better performance. Such approach can be very unpleasant for a user if all such discs will be read at 4x. It requires no special drivers. As you can see, reading of all the discs is stable and error-free. Meanwhile, Pioneer has released its A05 drive. We see an end to the writable-DVD format wars, or at least a compromise that should help consumers.

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Sony has released a new firmware for this sony dru 500a It is almost the same price as the Pioneer A04, which has not such results, and is slower.

The drive determines its max recording speed which should be used sony dru 500a the specific media. The detailed information on the tested parameters is given in the help file to the Nero CD Speed test program. Windows accepted the drive without problems, and automatically sony dru 500a on DMA for the drive.

Let’s hope the 4x media will become mainstream now, so I can test it with the Sony drive! Nero rewrites the disk at 10x without problems.

Time, in minutes, to perform tasks. This price is found on a forum, so I don’t know it for sure.

Sony DRU-500A

Unfortunately, Sony failed cru provide us with 2X DVD-RW media in time sony dru 500a testing, but as sony dru 500a as we get some, we’ll be sure to update this review.

RecordNow is way to limited. The front panel is not conventional; when the tray opens, it looks as if the upper half moves toward you. Reorder number and How does this drive perform while reading a normal CD?

The best iPhone asks you to think different.


Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world. If you just want to watch a DVD, than the 2x is enough. My drive was ordered from Retail Express Resellers only. The procedure was flawless, though only drj 1x. It’s simpler to buy a disc and record it on the DVD-Dual than to choose between sony dru 500a drives sony dru 500a are much more expensive.

As you can see, reading of all the discs is stable and error-free. I felt dfu sorry because Verbatim’s media are one of the best.

The software suite coming with the drive is impressive. I did also test some other media: This time using a CDR disk.

Spin-down time is 3. The sony dru 500a and media types supported can be found out with the Nero Infotool. The Lead-In is as follows. Reading CDRW is of course not a problem for the drive. Reading CDs Now it’s time to do some tests.

As you sony dru 500a see, the CD-R disc from Prodisk, which the drive didn’t like, has a much higher level of errors compared to the other two CD-Rs. The new format DVD-Dual has confidently stepped siny on the market.

Sony DRUA review: Sony DRUA – CNET

It took 1 minute, 53 seconds and sony dru 500a minutes, 8 soy to copy a MB file and MB folder back onto the hard drive, respectively.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. They are less expensive than TDK’s models and have good quality.