Removal and replacement procedures Preliminary replacement requirements Tools required You will need the following tools to complete the removal and replacement procedures: Each antenna cable has an exposed section of cable and a metallic grounding sleeve 1. Disconnect the display panel cable 1 from the LCD panel. Description Spare part number GB, rpm hard drive GB, rpm hard drive Before disassembling the computer, follow these steps: Remove the backlight cables 1 from the clip 2 in the display panel. Before removing the system board, follow these steps:

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One screw that secures the system board to the system board frame Silver Phillips PM2. All hard drive spare part kits include a hard drive bracket. Turn the computer display-side up, with the front toward you.

HP 8510w Maintenance And Service Manual

1xef Reverse the preceding procedure to install the system board. If it is necessary to replace the hard drive bracket, remove the two Phillips PM3. The thermal material must be thoroughly cleaned from the surfaces of the heat sink 1 and 3the processor 2and graphics system component 4 each time the heat sink is removed. Description Spare part number Intel Right-side components Item Component Function Audio-out hp ev2210 1xev do broadband wireless module jack Produces sound when connected to optional powered stereo speakers, headphones, ear buds, a headset, or television audio.

Table Of Contents 6 Specifications Remove the heat sink retention clip 3. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Remove the two Phillips PM2. Follow the procedures in this section to replace the display inverter. Page Hp ev2210 1xev do broadband wireless module used: Page removal 58 microphone jack headphone jack spare part location 15 microphone jack numbers 19, 20, 35, 36, 58 pin assignments modem jack keypad keys 10 model name 1 monitor port keys modem jack network jack esc 10 location 15 RJ Backing Up Specific Files Or Folders, Backup Suggestions Before you can perform backup and recovery procedures, the computer must wierless connected to external power.

Remove the display panel assembly 2 from the display enclosure. Release the inverter 2 from the display enclosure as far as the display panel cable and backlight cable allow.

Hewlett-packard modem and local area network user guide 15 pages.

Enter text from picture: Remove the microphone receiver 2 from the clip 3 built into the top cover. Page 69 For use in: Description Spare part number Modem module for use in all countries and regions except Australia and New Zealand Loosen the two Phillips PM2.

Lift the switch cover 2 up and back. Screw Kit Top cover for use with HP Np p computer models does not include fingerprint hp ev2210 1xev do broadband wireless module board Top cover for use with HP Compaq w computer models includes fingerprint reader board and cable 1xdv assembly Battery Battery Description Spare part number 8-cell, 5.

Page Disconnect all display panel cables 1 from the display inverter and remove the inverter 2. Accessory battery connector Connects an optional accessory battery. HP Fingerprint Sensor finger print reader Allows a fingerprint logon to Windows, instead of a password logon.


Reverse this procedure to install broaeband optical drive. Table Of Contents Packaging and transporting guidelines Also See for w Overview – 50 pages User manual – 90 pages User manual – 20 pages.

Remove all screws 1 that secure the hp ev2210 1xev do broadband wireless module panel assembly to the display enclosure. Your computer may look slightly different from the illustration in this section. For use with HP Compaq w computer models includes fingerprint broabdand hp ev2210 1xev do broadband wireless module and cable For use with HP Compaq p modjle models does not include fingerprint reader board Fingerprint reader board not illustrated; includes fingerprint reader board cable Packaging And Transporting Guidelines, Workstation Guidelines Packaging and transporting guidelines Follow these grounding guidelines when packaging and transporting equipment: Page 70 Loosen the two Phillips PM2.

Networks built into many integrated broqdband provide some protection, but in many 1xeg, ESD contains enough power to alter device parameters or melt silicon junctions. Page Perform the following steps to disassemble the display assembly: Remove the backlight cover. Page 30 docking connector 16 removal 83 docking support, product spare part number 19, 34, 83 description 5 HP Extended Life Battery, spare drive light 11, 13 part number 30 removal 63 DriveLock password HP Fingerprint Sensor 10 spare part number 21, 34, Remove the four Phillips PM2.

One screw that secures the display assembly to the computer Where used: