I am very glad this brightness tip worked for you! Very annoying problem solved!!!!!!! Has the issue been resolved yet? Hi Ste, Thank you for your comment. I am glad I saw your post! Hi Jonathan, Glad to hear the tip worked well on your E! Hi metatech, Thank you for the brightness tip for Optimus enabled laptops.

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Dell laptop brightness adjustment stuck [SOLVED]

This just happened to me and I have important work on my laptop. Since you are able to successfully change the brightness in power settings, it seems like a software update might allow you to keep those changes in effect since it sounds like they are reverting to the wrong setting.

Then I tried disabling the Intel one. Have you tried using the Dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 brightness adjustment setting under power settings? Dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 am very glad to hear the tip was successful on your Dell E It took 30 seconds to do and worked the first time!

Have a great week, -J. Thank you for this simple fix, it worked and I am thankful. Please keep up the good job. I am very glad my page was helpful!

I am using Dell inspiron14 model Have a great night, -J. Hello Sufarsan, You are very welcome! I was struggling to increase brightness due to brightness key was not working. Everything works once more! I am very glad it worked for you to restore your brightness control. I am very happy that the tip work well for you dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 Windows 8.

Hi Steve, Thank you for your nice comment. Thanks a lot, this worked dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 my laptop with W Hi Alceste, Thank you for the feedback, I am very happy that you were able to get your Dell brightness adjustment to work! Man yo the best, instantly and kapum… it just worked within seconds, me am giving it a six stars rating, i do not care if they are not there. Is it a different setting?

You saved me from Monday blues!!! Then you can easily re-enable Intel. Thank you for your kind comment Ajith. Hi Isaac, Thank you for commenting. Thank you very much for the tip. I am glad this dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 was effective for you! It worked like charm!!

J.D. Hodges

Hi Rand, Thank you for your message. Your email address will not be published. I just restarted my laptop and the screen was working ok. Hi Ste, Dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 you for your comment. Thanks again for your comment and have a great week!

I was beginning to question my eyesight before your instructions fixed my problem.

Also, may I ask what model your laptop is? Hi Abhinav, Thank you for the nice comment, I am very glad dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 post helped with your laptop. I am glad the brightness adjustment worked for you! Here in my display adapter sub blocks intel graphics is not showin. Thank you very much! Thank you for saving me an hour of productivity today.

Who could ask for anything more? Thank you for your dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 comment Jeremiah, I vcm20702a0 very glad it helped! Also, as a last ditch effort latituve may want to go into the BIOS and try manually adjusting the brightness there. Thanks and have a great weekend! This did not just change the screen resolution. Hi jyots, Thank you for your comment. I am glad to hear that the brightness tip worked on your repaired Dell M No different at all. Hi metatech, Thank you for the brightness tip for Optimus enabled laptops.

I am very glad this brightness tip worked for you! I was stuck dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 this one as well.